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I Heart U
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I Heart U

That's right folks, luxury living condos in the I Heart U building officially went on the market. This particular suite offers 244 square dots of living space. It has the great room - kitchen / dinette / living space, and separate bedroom, with hardwood floors throughout, arched doorways, and plate glass french doors.

Here you can see Jack and Jill arrive with their realtor Sally, and immediately head off to their favorite areas.

Jill loves the kitchen, with tile floor, stainless steel appliances, and cherry cabinets...

Meanwhile Jack tries his hand at the barbeque, flipping a couple virtual burgers...

Truly, excited, both were spotted jumping on the bed, just to test it out!

Jack sits down to talk terms and run some numbers with Sally...

Seen here for playability, are the completely retractable walls - leading to open access to the entire interior without any parts having to come off the building:

Will they make a decision? Is it within their price range? Should they wait and see the other models? Tho not officially released yet, it's been leaked that the 2nd floorplan will offer a larger living space and deluxe kitchen, with a smaller patio. Find out soon enough...