Scruffaluffa Chronicles


Fred says Wooo-Wooo!

The beloved Caterpillar Fred, mayor of Weed, and founder of the FLWC, says Wooo-Wooo to more trains! Seen in this photo, Fred tests out the new rail bridge across the Weedy River: Full Story

Getting Around

With visions of grandeur, Shellac commits to moving people around his city... Deeming his new creation the "People Mover System" or PMS, Shellac commits to "Get You There".     Full Story

Weed Takes Root!

Fed up with the urbanization in the greater Shellaccamus metro area, many of the residents search for a better life... Eyeing these vast flood plains, the "Weeds", as they like to be known, take root. Full Story

City Living

The new Copur-Wallace apartment community boasts over 5000 residents in uptown Shellaccamus. The apartments were inspired by two boy-geniuses, Ekim Copur and Eednar Wallace. "We just couldn't stop playing with Legos, and before you knew it, we'd built something great!" -Copur. Full Story

A photo history of Shellaccamus.
PMS Reaches New Heights

Shellac's dreams of the ultimate PMS are becoming reality today, with the official opening of the Seahorse Island International Airport, KSEH.  Full Story

FLWC Outraged!

Today, the FLWC lash out about the recent over-development in Shellaccamus. Forming a new society, SAPS, the FLWC hope to make it known that "If you put buildings on the farms, the crops don't grow." Analysts expect the society will be a thorn to developers, but a godsend for the field mice.
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The Road to the Lake

Residents are on waiting lists to reserve condos at the new hi-rise towers being built w a clear view of the pristine new elevated freeway:  Read the construction documentary

Lazy River posts $5000 profit!

It's the classic rags to riches story all over again, and little Ted Bear is no stranger to either extreme. This once homeless little bear is now pulling in over $5000 per month in his sleepy manufacturing town.
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